Home-Based Bodyweight Bible

Home-Based Bodyweight Bible

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How can I get in the best shape of my life while training at home with limited space/equipment or outdoors?

What about the excessive amount of information online on bodyweight training; is there a simpler way?

What if I you are very busy and don’t have time to go to the gym, but I can commit to 3 sessions per week at home (1 hour each session)?

Most of us won’t have the equipment to rival our local gym, but unless if you have very serious goals (ex: competing), you might not necessarily need to either.

Home-Based Bodyweight Bible is your solution. 

There’s a range of basic equipment that’s more than enough for most peoples goals and there is a lot you can do using only your bodyweight (with a Weight vest as well if you choose to go that route). 

Bodyweight training is not the only way to get stronger and more muscular, but it is definitely a time tested way that can’t be neglected or ignored. 

For decades there have been gymnasts, rock climbers, fighters, calisthenics athletes, runners and more who’ve been using this style of training to their advantage and milking the benefits that it has to offer! There are also many prisoners worldwide who have used bodyweight to their advantage to get muscular as well. 

Heck, bodyweight training is so effective that even bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongmen and other serious lifters include some of it in their training to increase their volume and pack on some extra muscle.



•Not as taxing on the CNS (in many cases) so you can hammer the frequency/volume

•A form of training that engages your core on almost all lifts 

•Challenging enough to meet you where you're at if you manipulate your body in the right positions 

•A way of training that some jacked lifters use exclusively 

•Badass because you are moving your body through space on a variety of cool movements

•A style a training that adds variability by giving you more movement options 



•Countless push-ups with no sense of progression, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere.

•Your current programming seems unorganized, unstructured and you’ve been feeling demotivated lately.

•You see other people getting results with Bodyweight training, but you’re not and it’s bothering you.

•You’re looking for the newest supplements now because you feel like your current program is hopeless.


So what makes this program different from the others?



•4+ complete full body routine with progressions (and regressions) to get the results you're looking for. 

•How to master your form on the basics and fundamentals to get the MOST out of the least amount of weight. Most people have never done bodyweight training in the strict fashion I prescribe in this ebook 

•Additional ideas to take your training to the NEXT level once you pass the 4th program (which for some will take many years) so you're covered for a LONG time. 

•Extreme conditioning with minimal equipment.

•How to get massive forearms & a stronger grip (without touching weights - not too commonly seen)

•How to challenge your lower body with unique training ideas with little improvisation/equipment involved (not too commonly seen either)

•In depth and detailed technique tips on how to do the exercises properly with flawless execution to maximize strength and minimize injuries all while getting MORE out of LESS weight.

•The freedom to workout at home on your terms which is great especially during times of gym closures with limited equipment.

•Spark some new growth with exercises you’ve probably never tried before to give your body a different look and training experience 

•FAQ at the end of some very commonly asked questions about Bodyweight training


I am confident that this program will help you build a solid physique from the luxury of your own home or from the great outdoors.