Skype Call - (1 Hour)

Skype Call - (1 Hour)

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This Skype call includes 1 hour where you can ask me questions related to: 



•Form check (Bring footage)(Optimizing set-up, execution, biomechanics...etc)

•Program optimization (Exercise selection, lift rotations, regressing/progressing movements...etc)

•Conditioning tips via exercise selection and programming for improved work capacity. 

•Improving variability/movement options with proper assistance/accessory exercise integrations for longevity and for preventing overuse.

•How you can use principles of different realms of fitness (Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman, Calisthenics...etc) to your advantage for a more well rounded system. 

•Appropriate cues and constraints that are simple to understand with lifts to reach the desired outcome.

•Injury prevention tips for longevity in the iron game and moving with less pain.

•Addressing weak points on exercises of your choice to overcome plateaus.

•Appropriate warm-ups and cooldowns geared towards the desired outcome.



•Meal planning tips/habits for more success 

•Food choices/portions to optimize fat loss, recomposition or weight gain

•Satiation strategies via appetizers, specific recipes, tips to feel more full with LESS calories 

•Macros/micro basics to help contribute to nutrition optimization

•Strategic tips for adding more variety into your nutrition for a more well rounded plan while simultaneously moving closer to your goal.

•Cooking tips to improve the overall meal experience 

•Breaking through fat-loss plateaus 

•Lifestyle modifications (ex: managing stress, productive habits, optimizing sleep, mindset...etc)


•Suggested courses, books, podcasts, seminars, coaches for your fitness niche

•Social media/website/marketing general beginner tips 

•My biggest mistakes starting out that you can learn from 

•Content creation tips 

The hour goes by fast so make sure that you have a list of questions ready to go because I can help you tackle one at a time to help you get closer to your goals.