I started off as a chess player who transitioned to basketball, but since the age of 17 I've been extremely passionate about fitness. Transforming my body has taught me valuable lessons about stress management, discipline & longevity.

I've taken countless courses such as ISSA, Corrective conditioning and more. I've worked with over 8 coaches and took several mentorship programs. I've had an ACL surgery with a successful recovery in 2017 which also added to my arsenal of training lessons.

My goal since starting my journey has been to help individuals transform their bodies, get stronger & become more conditioned.

My mission is to keep helping individuals get in touch with their high selves by implementing custom made training/nutrition plans and lifestyle modifications.

@Pg.coaching program has benefitted me by breaking down lifts to the simplest form and then adding tweaks within time frames of progress. Meal preps made to your liking with nutrition you enjoy eating which not only gives you fuel for lifts, but also helps you gain necessary muscle to developing the physique I aspire to create! Weekly check-ins (Sunday), tons of motivation, great energy, & also helps you stay on task with quotes! I'm glad I'm taking part in his program and would recommend him to any who want to take their physique to the next level. My guy actually cares about his clients and literally meets them where they're at in their fitness journey. Know further down the line the programs will get more intense and creative as he incorporates a vast knowledge on lifts to your liking which compliments the type of physique you wish and will acquire with consistency, drive & focus!


Through Phil I was able to get the one thing I was missing. Structure! This, along with his ability to create programming, geared to meet your fitness goals. I've been seeing the progress I've been looking for minus the burnout.


I'm delighted to share my experience working with Phil from PG Coaching. Phil crafted a personalized diet plan that was not only effective but also incredibly easy to follow. His expertise and dedication shone through as he tailored the plan to my goals and lifestyle. What sets Phil apart is his constant availability for questions and support. He was always there when I needed guidance, providing timely and insightful responses. This level of accessibility was a game-changer for me, offering the motivation I needed to stay on track. Thanks to Phil's guidance, l've achieved remarkable progress in my health and fitness goals while gaining a deeper understanding of nutrition. Phil empowered me to take control of my well-being. In conclusion, Phil from PG Coaching is an exceptional coach who makes healthy living accessible and achievable. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to transform their health and lifestyle. Thank you, Phil, for your invaluable support!


PG Coach told me one time. Most folks don't want it, thats why they don't get the results they're pursuing. That really hit me hard. He was right, because every time i put in the work he has set out. I see a change on my body. Ive definitely got stronger, i lift heavier with confidence and once im locked in the gym i follow my program without stress. Everything is straight forward but to play hard u gotta go hard.


In a world of too much information, particularly too much poor information, Phil offers valuable practical advice to reach your fitness goal. He is a wealth of knowledge. And instead of a one size fits all approach, he takes a more holistic approach. He analyzes each individual client, providing them with the detailed steps to reach your goal efficiently and effectively. The results speak for themselves! I recommend Phil to anyone who wants to finally obtain their desired physique. Thank you Phil!


I was on and off with injury and travelling so I had to slow down for a bit, but those two pictures are essentially the product of two intense months of Phil's program, as natty as you can get. I went from 182lb to 196lb in that amount of time. I can see my abs now too so that probably means recomp. I'm happy it carried out that way and Phil gave me insane advice, science based FACTS and techniques. He also found ways to adapt to my demands (ie neck) so I could maximize the pump as well as comfort. I'm stoked with the results. Also my back is looking sick.


I have been training with Phil on/ off for a while due to a busy work schedule. I packed on a lot of weight from months of improper eating and lack of training, but Phil's training, inspiration and nutrition tips helped me put on some muscle, cut fat and become a lot more conditioned with only 3 sessions per week. He showed me how to train at home as well now so I can still work on myself with my tight schedule.


Using Phil's program, I started seeing the results Thad hoped for, but also that I would have never achieved without his guidance. Phil walked me through exactly what I needed to do, starting with the basics and never straying away from his fundamental principles. As a coach, his philosophy is convincing and backed by evidence. We did not take any shortcuts. Phil kept the whole process simple for me to understand and never underestimated my potential to produce a major change in my body. He has proven to be extremely knowledgable, reliable and effective. Thanks to him, there isn't a doubt in my mind that every hour I spend in the gym brings me closer to my personal goals.


With Phil by my side, I achieved results that I once thought were unattainable. I've not only seen significant improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall fitness but also experienced positive changes in my confidence and mindset. I can confidently say that working with Phil has been a transformative experience. Phil possesses a wealth of knowledge about exercise physiology, nutrition, and overall wellness, and he tailored a workout plan and nutrition guidance specifically to my needs and objectives. I can't thank him enough for the discipline and commitment he has for his clients. Phil is just phenomenal.


Working with Phil has taught me a lot about my body and myself from my eating habits to my posture. He pushed and motivated me to be accountable and in return I started to see results in my day to day life and my body was gaining more energy and I became stronger. He is an all-round great coach and great person…ps catch you on the hack Phil.


  • Phil, has been nothing short of amazing in helping me achieve my weight loss goals. In just A few weeks of working with him, I managed to shed an impressive 10 pounds, while gaining muscle at the same time. Phil's expertise in fitness and nutrition played a pivotal role in this achievement. He designed a highly effective workout plan that pushed me to my limits while ensuring my safety and well-being. -Ramsay

  • The vast amount of knowledge and dedication phil provides on overall health, fitness and body functionality is truly inspiring. I've been working with phil for over a year now and have learned so much about my personal goals, my challenges and how to overcome them. I highly recommend phil to anyone who is looking to start their fitness journey but don't know where to begin. He's your go-to guy :)- Irina 

  • Phil is a very attentive coach. We started with me as an amateur lifter and he taught me how to lift safely and correctly. He paid close attention on every lift and made sure that I was progressing and pushing myself. I can't recommend him highly enough.


  • No matter your background or experience level, if you're looking for someone who's all about the work, no shortcuts, no bullshit. Phill Gervais is your guy. I reached out to Phil because I had a hard time committing to a workout routine and had no faith in the possibility to gain weight. But now I'm on right track he's made sure to build a solid base, focusing on form and diet all the way to checking how much sleep and how I deal with my stress with weekly checks up. This guy has made me a better athlete and a healthier man.


  • 3 years ago I woke up one morning and decided to make a change. I weighed a very sad 140 lbs was very skinny and did not look healthy at all. I was insecure and frustrated. With lots of hard work, the help of some good friends who steered me in the right direction I am now 175 lbs a lot stronger and healthier looking. Still a lot of work to do but I am very happy with the progress I've made thus far. Those of you who knew me back then will see the difference, unfortunately I do not have a before pic. Shout out my boy who kept me focused.


  • What I love the most when working with phil was that I finally fell back in love with training and bodybuilding in general. I was finally able to bulk after being so afraid to do so because I'm skinny fat and have been trying to recomp for so long without any results. On top of that I can ask as many questions as I wanted to and he gave me all the resources that I need to succeed both in term of what he knows and where he got his information from. Now I'm able to make changes on my own training and know what good information looks like. On top of that I gained a bit over an inch on my arms, 5 inch on my chest, (also 27 inch quads on my bulk forgot to measure before)and a lot of other measurements which resulted in me having to change my whole wardrobe .overall very happy with the result. The only cons I did have was my stomach didn't agree with the meal plan which resulted in a bad stomach ache.


  • My experience with my personal trainer was excellent keeping me motivated. Phil is very professional and attentive to his clients. I would strongly recommend him.


  • I met Philippe about 10 years ago and ever since, he has always been dedicated and consistent with his work. Our fitness journeys began around the same time, although our goals and mindsets were different back then. However, about 5 years after we first met, Phillip and I started training more consistently.We bonded over our mutual desire to become strong and big. As the years went by, my relationship with Phil changed and evolved. I began to see him not just as a friend, but as a professional in his field with tremendous knowledge and experience in the fitness realm.Now, I can proudly say that I have been following Trainer Phil's program for about 4 months and the progress and results have been better than anything I could have achieved on my own. Phil is extremely reliable and professional in his coaching methods. I highly recommend him. -Josian

  • Phil meets his clients where they are at & understands their needs, wants and goals. -Aja

  • Phil’s approach to programming, nutrition, and mindset has taken my training to the next level. He showed me the exact exercises I needed to fix imbalances I’d had for a long time due to improper form and ego lifting. Phil really puts emphasis on going through the entire range of motion so your ego may take a hit, but it’s worth it in the long run. I was able to reach my goals sooner than I thought and we’re only getting started. -Ryan