About Me

Envision how it would feel if you could finally develop a body that displays power, confidence, high self esteem and longevity.

I help individuals transform their bodies, get stronger, become more conditioned and feel better overall through custom made tranining/nutrition plans and lifestyle modifications. 

​I help can help you attain the type of physique that revolutionizes how you view yourself and as a nice side effect; how others view you as well. The type of person that doesn’t have to tell people that he/she trains, but rather the results speak for themselves and you can inspire countless people simply by leading by example. 

Why are there so many people walking around who don’t give off this vibe given all of the information that we have online?

It’s because nowadays we have too many tools at our disposal and often times excessive tools can lead to too many distractions.

This leads to certain people being confused with their training and nutrition which makes them go backwards with their results because they don’t follow a structured plan tailored towards their needs, goals and where they are currently at! 

I’m Phil Gervais and one of my sole purposes in life is teaching individuals about the lessons I’ve learned over the years so my clients or supporters can get results faster. There are no "shortcuts", but the learning curve can be more simplified for those who seek out for help.

Training offers just as many psychological benefits as physical and the carryover it has to your discipline and drive for everyday life is truly amazing. 

I know what it’s like to not make progress, to stall and to not be happy with yourself knowing that you’re capable of so much more. I grew up small, skinny and weak for most of my life with a low self esteem and I hated every second of it. Look at me here AFTER 4-6 months of lifting (left photo)

There were many periods of time where I got down on myself and thought that I was an “ectomorph” or a “hard gainer”. I slowly started to think to myself that maybe my body type was just never meant to be muscular. 

My confidence was low in other areas of my life as well. I had no discipline and my self-worth was questionable to say the least. 

I decided to start working out, but no differences were really made. Over time, I started to understand that there was a huge difference between simply exercising and training. I’ve learned that you can make insane amounts of progress if you have the right training, nutrition and other lifestyle factors.

Learning from some of the best in the industry helped me a lot. I am a certified personal trainer under the International Sports Science Association. Some of my other credentials are in the world of corrective conditioning and strength training. My certifications taught me a lot, but nothing like real world continuing education. I've been blessed to take the courses of Rich Thaw of EMPWR & The Pinnacle Performance course of Conor Harris. I’ve also attended multiple workshops/seminars with some top tier coaches and I’m still continually taking courses until this day!

I’ve dedicated thousands of hours listening to podcasts, reading books and articles. I’ve been fortunate to apply these lessons to help thousands of people worldwide with my Statuefit YouTube and blog. You can find numerous Q&A’s with dozens of elite level coaches and strength athletes on these platforms. It's been quite the journey and I am only getting started. The fitness world is evolving everyday and there is always new information on the rise that I have to stay updated on. 

If I was able to transform my life for the better inside and out then so can you!

There is no reason why you can’t be the 2.0 version that you strive to become and I am here to provide you with some of the tools to do that!