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I know what it’s like to not make progress and to not be happy with yourself knowing that you’re capable of so much more. I grew up small, skinny and weak for most of my life with a low self esteem and I hated every second of it. Look at me here after 4-6 months of lifting in 2012.

There were many periods where I got down on myself thinking I was an “ectomorph” or a “hard gainer”. I started to think that maybe my body type was just never meant to be big. I figured that maybe the only people who can truly be big are those who were football players in college or the muscular security guards that you see when you get patted down before entering a club. The truth is that most people are capable of a lot more than they think. 

Genetics are nothing more than your starting point.

There is a huge difference between exercising and training. You can make insane amounts of progress drug-free to your body if you have the right training, nutrition and lifestyle factors. 

Education helped, but learning from some of the best in the industry helped even more. I am a certified personal trainer under the International Sports Science Association. Some of my other credentials are in the world of corrective conditioning, biomechanics and strength training. I've been blessed to attend multiple workshops & seminars with some top tier coaches and to apply these lessons to help thousands of people worldwide with my PG Coaching YouTube channel.  


•You are working out “harder”, but you still don’t feel like you’re really getting anywhere.

•There is an overwhelming amount of information online and you are overwhelmed. You want 1 system to follow to build muscle once and for all.
•You're thinking you aren't progressing due to a lack of supplements so you started stocking up on them excessively while contemplating other things.

•The weights you're lifting are barely increasing and you feel like you're compromising your form when you do up the weight. 

•You want to look bigger, but your shirts aren’t fitting the way you want and you’re not giving off that POWER look. 


•There is an unbelievable amount of overwhelming information overload and you want a system that you can stick to for a while.

•You are doing the same variations all of the time and it’s getting stale. You still want to train hard with some big and basic movements, but you need a bit of variety because you get bored easily so you want to spice things up.

•You have decent chest/biceps/abs with some definition, but you want to have a much WIDER & THICKER frame.

•You are tired of telling people that you train and you want people to ask you about how you train and how you’ve obtained your results.




In the early days of fitness we didn’t have enough information, but nowadays it’s the complete opposite, but overall it can be very conflicting and tiring. I’m here to help you sort through a lot of it.

To add on, let’s be honest, most of the fitness information online is coming from drug abusing bodybuilders who are telling you that their secret lies in their programming, nutrition and sleep, but the reality is that a lot of what they say does not apply to drug-free lifters with sub-par to average genetics. They are telling you that you don’t look like them because you don’t train “hard enough”, “eat clean enough” or “sleep enough” and in some ways they may be right, but not entirely.

You can get some insane results in strength and size to fill out your frame, but it does take long and it does take a more strategic plan to get there regardless of genetics. 

This is where Silverback comes in...

The Whole Theme of my SILVERBACK program is BACK, SHOULDERS, TRICEPS.

If you are looking for a program that will help you get as THICK & WIDE as possible WITHOUT DRUGS, look no further.

I’ve studied different lifters and took philosophies from Strongmen, Natural Bodybuilders, Olympic Weightlifters, Powerlifters, Calisthenics athletes, Highland  Game competitors and so on to create the book to make my system as user-friendly, safe, effective and enjoyable as possible. I took from all of these groups in order to  create a system that would give you the tools for the biggest:




A big monstrous back, wide deltoids and thick horseshoe triceps is what the Silverback system is all about!


Back is the first priority of this program above everything and not just the lats, but the whole back from the upper traps down to the erectors. This will help you look extremely thick/wide, improve posture when trained correctly and it will have a massive impact on your performance as well. Nothing on the human body looks more impressive than a mountainous back.



The shoulders are not be the biggest muscles by any means, but they are located on the outer extremities of the upper body and have a popping effect that makes them very hard to ignore when they are properly developed. Not to mention that they compliment the back very well and make your waist look a lot smaller.



You could have the biggest biceps, but it won’t do justice for your arms to maximize their true size. When people say you have big arms, they are usually referring to the size of your triceps because they take up most of the measurement. Not to mention that big triceps compliment your rear delts, upper back and lats which contributes to the mountainous look. Big forearms look cool too, but they don't add to the width/thickness of our frame. We will do some bicep/forearm work, but they just aren't placed with as much emphasis. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can get a lot wider and thicker through training, but it’s not by doing 9 different lateral raise variations in every direction.

It’s about getting stronger at the key lifts to add muscle to the right muscle groups. This book will give you the keys and lifts to focus on in order to achieve this look.


•How to REALLY get BIG

•The proper exercise selection that will take your thickness/width to the next level 

•Exercise techniques, cues and general tips for the big compound/isolation lifts to increase strength, safety and longevity in the iron game

•Methods to complicate programming a lot less while addressing weaknesses

•Regressions for exercises like the Overhead Press to get into the right positions in order to have a better bar/dumbbell path

•A LOT of my personal mistakes as a lifter that you can instantly learn from & updated lessons that I’ve learned with what I recommend instead

•Novice Program (Silverback Style)

•Intermediate Full Body program (training 3X per week with a HEAVY-LIGHT-MEDIUM set-up) with 3 phases all lasting 5 weeks

•Intermediate Upper/Lower program (training 4X per week) with 3 phases all lasting 5 weeks

•How to make progress year round to avoid plateaus and overuse injuries

•The best conditioning exercises that aren’t boring that will improve your work capacity drastically while simultaneously getting you jacked

•Additional nutritional tips 

•The importance of unilateral training, warming-up tips, mobility, activation and MORE in this 250+ page book!

Best of all, you won’t need any special equipment like chains, specialty bars, machines or any of that! 99% of the lifts could be done at the majority of commercial gyms!

I believe that this system will make you look as big as possible as a drug free lifter.

If your goal is the biggest back, shoulders, triceps and general strength; this is THE system for YOU!

It took me many years to design this system with a ton of trial and error, but today I am finally ready to share it to you.

If you’ve benefited from the advice on the FitWorldExposed YouTube channel or PG.Coaching instagram page and you want a fully detailed comprehensive 300+ page E-Book guide, look no further…

If your goal is to develop your back, shoulders and triceps as much as humanly possible without drugs; I gladly present to you:



Silverback is NOT some magical pipe dream or “quick fix”.

I’m not going to tell you that this is some “easy” program like a lot of other coaches because it’s not. If it were really that easy to have a jacked physique then it wouldn’t be a big deal, but we already know that it isn’t the case. 

You will have to work HARD because this program will test you a lot. It’ll be draining and it will take a lot out of you too.

Are YOU ready for that?


• To challenge yourself

• What others don’t have and you know that anything worthwhile you want in life is worth fighting for

• To break through plateaus and “barriers”

• Your hard work in the gym to finally show and to feel like you aren’t wasting your precious time

• To say that you didn’t have anything handed to you


Most importantly, you want to work for something worthwhile with RESULTS that nobody could take away from you!

Do you like detailed, visual and in depth information like the above video?

Then you will for sure get a ton of value from my signature Silverback system.



Will I get muscular in other areas besides the back, shoulders and triceps?

Of course, these are just the 3 parts of the body that are more emphasized, but either way the rest of your body will still get some good stimulation. With that being said, if you don’t care about getting a bigger back, delts and triceps then this isn’t the program for you.


How long can I run this system for?

I have a novice program that you can run for however long you need to, but after that point there is a full body or upper/lower option. Both will get you great results and will require that you be in the gym for 3-4x per week. If you can only make it to the gym 2x per week then you can still run the full body 2x per week with the modifications specified in the book, but just know that this approach is not optimal. If you’d like to be in the gym more than 4x per week, I discuss how you can strategically incorporate conditioning work that will get you fit and jacked on off days as well


Can I run this program if I am somebody who is skinny or fat?

This is the program for you if your goal is to maximally develop your whole back, shoulders and triceps. Once you develop a good amount of muscle, you will look great lean or if you’re a bit on the bulkier side. Understand that a lot of your weight has to do with your nutrition and training can only do so much. If you are fat on the other hand, I would highly recommend that you do more of the conditioning work mentioned in the book to compliment the lifting. If you’re skinny, I would still recommend conditioning because it’s that essential and I discuss all of the benefits in greater detail in the book.