Online Coaching (3 Month Package)

Online Coaching (3 Month Package)

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If you're trying to take your body to the next level and you want to improve:

•Body composition by leaning out, gaining weight or recomping.

•Strength levels to become the strongest you've ever been

•Performance IN & OUT of the gym as a result of improved conditioning

This is the package for you! Here is what it includes: 


•Muscle/strength related objectives all tailored in for your specific needs given your history, goal(s), lifestyle and assessments.

•Meets you EXACTLY where you are at with the appropriate regressions/progressions for each exercise along with exercise rotations at the right times. 

•Next to each exercise in the program there will be a short video in order to help you understand the lifts better

•Conditioning incorporated to sharpen your work capacity and make you feel more energized

•Strategies to improve movement variability/movement options for longevity along with improved posture



•Tailor made plan to fuel your weeks, assist recovery, feel amazing and have a massive contribution to the muscle building journey.

•A program that meets you EXACTLY where you are at with simple to follow steps for a SUSTAINABLE transformation that gets better after each year. 

-Tailored for you given the information from our consultation and questionnaire you fill out. This plan offers a more flexible approach which gives you a sense of control and structure simultaneously. 

•Food variation tweaks on a monthly basis for those who love to explore different foods. 

-This plan does NOT cut into your time by much and it gives you the tools to optimize your meal prep set-up so you can have all of your meals prepared ahead of time to dominate your upcoming week. 

•Strategies for busy individuals who travel often or live a fast paced lifestyle.



•First call is to explain the program to you (once I've received the questionnaire form back)

•Other 3 calls are for weekly checkups for your questions, program updates, form check, nutrition tips and accountability purposes.

•On the spot changes for modifications that need to be made regarding training or nutrition.

•Calls can also be brought INTO the gym while you train; (optional for international clients).

•For body composition we do regular weigh ins, measurements and more for extra accountability in order to keep you on track. 

•An essential piece for sustainability and accountability so you stay on track!

•Lastly and most importantly, to answer any questions you have about the system and updates on your part!


•Great for other questions that you want to ask on the spot (ex: if our Skype call is 5 days away, you don't have to wait until then to ask your question). 

•Essential for form check, comments, Updates, questions & feedback. 



1. Free 20 minute video chat consultation where you explain to me exactly what you are looking for and what you'd like to achieve in the next 3-6 months. 

2. From there, once the payment is made, I will send you 2 detailed questionnaire forms that should take you roughly 10 minutes to fill out each one (one for training and one for nutrition).

3. The first video chat will be based on explaining the training and nutrition plan to you. 

4. You start the journey to get your results while I am there with you along all steps of the way on a weekly basis making the proper tweaks week to week; helping you stay on track on your road to excellence. 


See you soon.