Q&A with Crazy World Record Holder For the Bench (220lb): Tom “Huck” Finn (2016)

Q&A with Crazy World Record Holder For the Bench (220lb): Tom “Huck” Finn (2016)

Q&A with Crazy World Record Holder For the Bench (220lb): Tom “Huck” Finn

On the Fitworldexposed website we talk a lot about how to gain size and strength. More specifically, we talk a lot about the importance of having big and strong glutes for an impressive lower body and Powerlifters are hands-down the athletes out there with the biggest and strongest glutes as far as I’m concerned because their sport revolves around Squats and Deadlifts. Powerlifters are also the go-to guys to look to when it comes to doing horizontal presses with ridiculous amounts of weights.

Today I have a special guest who goes by the name of Tom “Huck” Finn. He hit a 523lb bench press at 198lb which is the raw 1# record in the world and at 220lb his stats with wraps were 804/518/705.

This is why if you want to get good at anything then you have to learn from the best because they didn’t make it to the top by accident.
Powerlifters have dedicated their lives to getting stronger totals and the wisdom/knowledge that they have is worth its weight in gold.

Lets get into some Q&A’s!

What made you take on Powerlifting as opposed to something like Olympic lifting or Bodybuilding?
My dad put a bench in the middle of the living room when I was in 8th grade. I would come home from football practice and bench three times a week. After I was done benching he’d serve my dinner on the bench. That’s how powerlifting got into my blood and never left. Plus I always wanted to be the strongest person but also look good naked. I think I’ve achieved both.

What is the worst injury that you ever had to experience and how did you get over it?
I recently tore my right pec tendon. The first two weeks I drank a lot of beer. After about four weeks I began to get mobility back into the joint and also started getting PRP treatment at IMAC regeneration center to help the healing process. I am currently benching again but with a new style, I will be using a lot more back and triceps instead of mostly chest.

I also cut off my left pinky finger with two Dumbbells in college.

What are some cues that you give lifters who are trying to engage their lats in the bench press?

Try and rip the bar apart. I practice this when I drive by ripping the steering wheel apart.

What are your top 3 favorite direct tricep exercises to help build up your bench press and why? 
Close grip bench
Long bar push downs
Why? Because they work.


What does your typical warm-up look like before deadlifts? For example, what do you do before your first warm-up set? Do you do any glute activation drills, dynamic work, foam rolling…etc? If so then what would you typically do in order for your body to be ready to pull massive amounts of weight off the floor?
I honestly don’t do much. To warm up the deadlift, I deadlift. If you’ve watched some of my videos on Instagram, I might drink a few beers!

A lot of lifters out there don’t know how to engage their lats in deadlift variations, what are your best pieces of advice on doing so?
I like to put my shoulder blades into my back pocket or ass. That’s how I engage my lats before I deadlift.

What are some of your tips on how to maximally engage your quads at the beginning of the conventional deadlift?
I get intense as hell and pull the bar. I’ve never thought of engaging my quads.
After pulling the slack out of the bar on conventional deadlifts, whats the second cue that you like to think about?
I never think during a lift.

What is a breathing technique and cue that you would use for bracing your core in order to save your spine and lifting maximum amounts of weight? What are you imagining when you are breathing in this fashion and where do most people go wrong with this technique?
Get a big air and push against the belt. Most people lose their air, especially at the bottom of the lift.

What are your top 3 favorite assistance exercises for bringing up your deadlift and why?
Double over hand deadlift to help with grip.
Deficit deadlift to help with speed off the ground.
Squat or front squat because these help with everything.

What are some conventional deadlift lockout cues that you are constantly thinking about once the barbel passes your knees that a lot of people don’t consider?
Again, I never think during a lift. I go to a crazy place in my head before the lift and take all my anger out on the bar.

When in your opinion do you think a lifter should start using bands for stuff like rack pulls, deadlifts, presses…etc? When do you think it is appropriate for a lifter to be using them (ex: S405, B315, D495)?
I’ve never used bands.

When in your opinion do you think that a lifter should start using a belt for his/her training? (ex: after 500lb Deadlift)
Most of the time I wear a belt lose and then tighten up as the weight gets heavier. I like to treat every set as if it’s my top set.

I find that my core tends to break down when I pull heavy, what direct core work do you do in your training and do you happen to do any direct oblique work? Also tell us what rep ranges you like to work with when doing core work and how many times per week would you typically do direct ab work?
Not a lot. If I do it’s in sets of 20. Most of my core work comes from the three main lifts.

Do you think that Powerlifting will ever be in the Olympics?
As fast as Pro Wrestling will be an Olympic sport.

Thank you for your time! If you want to see more of Tom Finn then you could check him out at: 




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