Q&A with Champion Russian Powerlifter Andrey Malanichev (20+ World Records) (2016)

Q&A with Champion Russian Powerlifter Andrey Malanichev (20+ World Records) (2016)

Q&A with Champion Russian Powerlifter Andrey Malanichev (20+ World Records)

Andrey Malanichev

Andrey Malanichev is hands down one of the strongest powerlifters of all time.

Not only does he have over 20 powerlifting world records, but he was also into free-style wrestler and boxing before his powerlifting career so he has a very athletic background.

On the Fitworldexposed website we talk a lot about how to gain size and strength. More specifically, we talk a lot about the importance of having big and strong glutes for an impressive lower body and powerlifters are hands-down the athletes out there with the biggest and strongest glutes as far as I’m concerned because their sport revolves around Squats and Deadlifts.

This is why if you want to get good at anything then you have to learn from the best because they didn’t make it to the top by accident.

Powerlifters have dedicated their lives to getting stronger totals and the wisdom/knowledge that they have is worth its weight in gold.

Lets get into it.

What made you take on Powerlifting as opposed to something like Olympic lifting or Bodybuilding?

Well frankly saying i have no choice – i just started doing it because i found it pretty interesting to pull heavy things. the first pulled heavy thing was some stone – i did it as a tomboy in my early childhood. then i made my own gym at the roof of the big block house. we were small guys inspired by big athletes and were just lifting heavy weights.  After that I did some fight classes and only after that I entered powerlifting – i just really loved it!

What is the worst injury that you ever had to experience and how did you get over it?

Thanks God I have never experienced it!

How many times were you deadlifting per week when you were pulling over 1000lb?

Well I always have my simple training plan:
Monday – squat
Wednesday – bench
Friday deadlift
When i lift heavy on Friday, I don’t bench on Saturday. When I rest from Friday deadlifts, I bench on Saturday.

The Sumo deadlift is one of the best exercises out there for building big and strong glutes, but most people just pull it off the floor as if they were doing a conventional deadlift with a wide stance. What are some other common mistakes that you see along with some important technique cues/tips that you could give people who are trying to get really good at pulling sumo?

You know I can honestly say that if you lift good and lift a lot – it doesn’t really matter how you lift! If all depends on the anatomy  – deadlift as you feel comfortable but don’t forget the basics!!
It is very hard to tell it without seeing in person. Someone is weak on the 1st phase – so he need to work on platform deadlift. If problems on phase 2 – rack deadlift. The main rule is not going on heavy weights – deadlift as a movement and your back hates heavy weights

A lot of lifters who pull with sumo variations for a big portion of the year tend to experience some forms of groin pain, how can this be prevented or at least minimized in your opinion?

If it doesn’t feel comfortable and you always feel the pain – Use conventional deadlifts. If you are obstinate – stretch more and train more.

What is the best advice that you could give Powerlifters out there with anterior pelvic tilt as far as exercises and stretches are concerned?

Sorry I don’t know! I think a good sport doctor can help!

What does your typical warm-up look like before deadlifts? For example, what do you do before your first warm-up set? Do you do any glute activation drills, dynamic work, foam rolling…etc? If so then what would you typically do in order for your body to be ready to pull massive amounts of weight off the floor?

I hate warm ups) But reverse hyperextension is the best one!

A lot of lifters out there don’t know how to engage their lats in deadlift variations, what are your best pieces of advice on doing so?

Frankly saying I don’t think about lats during my deadlifts – they just work good by themselves.

What are some of your tips on how to maximally engage your quads at the beginning of the conventional deadlift?

It depends on your position love the bar – try different variations.

After pulling the slack out of the bar on conventional deadlifts, whats the second cue that you like to think about?

Don’t think – pull it to the end of the movement! Never use your brain during lifts!

What is a breathing technique and cue that you would use for bracing your core in order to save your spine and lifting maximum amounts of weight? What are you imagining when you are breathing in this fashion and where do most people go wrong with this technique?

Inhale before lift and then exhale after! It’s simple!

What is the most weight that you have ever rack pulled from knee level and do you find rack pulls helpful for improving your deadlift off the floor?

I don’t go on maximum weights at rack DL! Rack pulls are really good!

What are your top 3 favorite assistance exercises for bringing up your deadlift and why?

Rows and reverse hyperextension – because they really work!

You have an extremely strong upper back, what was the most you’ve ever barbel rowed?

It’s a long time since i rowed – now i train very simple without any accessory movements!

When in your opinion do you think a lifter should start using bands for stuff like rack pulls, deadlifts, presses…etc? When do you think it is appropriate for a lifter to be using them (ex: S405, B315, D495)?

I’m not sure that they can be useful cause not using them helps to improve your grip what is really very important in DL.

When in your opinion do you think that a lifter should start using a belt for his/her training? (ex: after 500lb Deadlift)

Belt is important for your safety so the sooner the better.

I find that my core tends to break down when I pull heavy, what direct core work do you do in your training and do you happen to do any direct oblique work? Also tell us what rep ranges you like to work with when doing core work and how many times per week would you typically do direct ab work?

12 reps work the best for me
I suppose weighted curled are the best!

Do you think that Powerlifting will ever be in the Olympics?

No never – it is a sport of professionals!

Thank you for your time!

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