Q&A with 900lb+ Squatting Master: Robb Philippus AKA QuadsLikeRobb (Squat Edition) (2016)

Q&A with 900lb+ Squatting Master: Robb Philippus AKA QuadsLikeRobb (Squat Edition) (2016)

Q&A with 900lb+ Squatting Master: Robb Philippus AKA QuadsLikeRobb (Squat Edition)

Robb Philippus

On the Fitworldexposed website we talk a lot about how to gain size and strength. More specifically, we talk a lot about the importance of having big and strong glutes for an impressive lower body and powerlifters are hands-down the athletes out there with the biggest and strongest glutes as far as I’m concerned because their sport revolves around Squats and Deadlifts.

This is why if you want to get good at anything then you have to learn from the best because they didn’t make it to the top by accident.

Powerlifters have dedicated their lives to getting stronger totals and the wisdom/knowledge that they have is worth its weight in gold.


Lets get into it.

What made you take on Powerlifting as opposed to something like Olympic lifting or Bodybuilding?

I had a friend(Jon Gerhold) later in life, after college when I was lifting to just lift, that suggested I give Powerlifting a shot.


What is the worst injury that you ever had to experience and how did you get over it?

Detached distal bicep in the right arm, had surgery to repair and I never missed a squat session.


How many times were you squatting per week to hit over 900lb?

2 times.


How do you engage your lats into the squat as effectively as possible?

   I really don’t engage lats well in my squat.  I do try to lock in the bar by pulling shoulders back and down, creating a good table for the bar.

What are your favorite assistance exercises for helping you build up your squat?

Pause squats.


If a lifter has a weak squat lockout then would you recommend that he/she does lockout pin squats with a small range of motion, band squats or something else?

I would recommend more squatting, more patience and more time under bar.

Whats your take on cycling in zercher squats from time to time to help you build up your upper back strength and squat?

I have never done a zercher squat.  I would use SSB for this purpose.

Do you incorporate a lot of single leg lower body exercises like bulgarian split squats in order to add more lower body volume without compromising too much of your recovery?

No not typically, I have performed this movement when injured though have not since.  Single leg leg press could have a place in a program…


What are some cues that you could give novice lifters on how to breath in order to get as tight as possible during heavy squat attempts?

Big air, and no breathing until lockout.  Like you are squatting in a swimming pool.


What are some technical cues that you are still trying to dial in with your own squat?

A weak upper back.

What is the best advice that you could give Powerlifters out there with anterior pelvic tilt as far as exercises and stretches are concerned?

I’m not a doctor, but squatting more is always a solution to live by…

What does your typical warm-up look like before squats? For example, what do you do before your first warm-up set? Do you do any glute activation drills, dynamic work, foam rolling…etc? If so then what would you typically do in order for your body to be ready to squat massive amounts of weights?

Break a sweat, and some core movement. Then some eccentric stretching.

When in your opinion do you think a lifter should start using bands for stuff like rack pulls, deadlifts, presses…etc? When do you think it is appropriate for a lifter to be using them (ex: S405, B315, D495)?

I would suggest them for light speed or dynamic work.  I use band rarely and am very new to using them.  I did not build a base using bands.

When in your opinion do you think that a lifter should start using a belt for his/her training? (ex: after 500lb Squat/Deadlift)

Around 55-60%

I find that my core tends to break down when I pull heavy, what direct core work do you do in your training and do you happen to do any direct oblique work? Also tell us what rep ranges you like to work with when doing core work and how many times per week would you typically do direct ab work?

Squat more. Every training day some kind of core during warm up, 20 reps and/or 30 second range.

Do you think that Powerlifting will ever be in the Olympics?

No I do not think there is any ROI or interest in adding a second strength/barbell sport.

Thank you for your time! If you want to see more of Robb then you could check him out at:


quadslikerobb.com (for online coaching)

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