Genetic FREAKS Are REAL (2016)

Genetic FREAKS Are REAL (2016)


If there is one thing that pisses me off more than anything else in this whole fitness industry its that there is A LOT of hate. We live in an era and a generation where the drugs are more advanced than ever, the drugs are getting a lot easier to access and people are starting to hop on cycles a lot sooner than ever too. I am not going to talk about the morals of drug use because that’s something else altogether that I don’t even feel like talking about today. What I do want to talk about today is that just because we live in an era where drugs are being used more and more frequently, we should be careful about who we accuse because there are people out there who are actually GENETIC FREAKS!

I am not talking about in competitions because there are obviously some real drug tested federations out there where you can’t get away with anything, I am just speaking in general. I am talking about when you scroll on your Facebook or when you walk on the street and you see somebody who’s physique looks out of this world. Don’t be so quick to judge because maybe that person got a head start with the top end genetics and also had the balls to the wall work ethic to go with it. Top that off with the fact that maybe he/she also had one of the top trainers in their country who supplied them the extremely strict nutrition and training plans.

Genetics are a starting point in the race, but sometimes the starting points are so high that the person overlapped the finish line twice! If you took guy A who has average genetics and guy B who has elite genetics and you put them on the same nutrition and training programs then guy B would hands down have a more impressive physique.

The reason why I get angry and frustrated is because we also live in somewhat of a lazy generation where a lot of people aren’t putting in all of the work that they could be putting in and when they see somebody with better results than them they automatically start to hate. The problem with this is that what if the person you are hating on isn’t on any drugs and actually had to work for what they had (with the help of their genetics of course)?

The human body is capable of great things so don’t bring somebody else down just because you are slacking off on your own goals.

There are thousands of people worldwide who are on a ton of drugs and don’t even look good while on the other hand there are some people who aren’t on any gear at all and look twice as good as some of these guys on drugs. One of the root factors to this is GENETICS.



If you have thick bones then you will look a lot bigger and fuller than somebody with extremely small wrists, ankles and stuff of that nature.Not to mention that you will also most likely be stronger and be less prone to injuries because your thick bone structure is less fragile for the most part.


Your muscle insertions are extremely important for body composition because if you have high calves then your calves will obviously have less potential for growth than somebody who has low insertions that come close to their ankles. Another one of my favorite examples would be your lat insertion points because if you have lats that insert to your lower back then you will obviously have more potential for a bigger and wider back than the person who’s lats only insert to their mid back.


Your metabolism is another thing that is going to play a huge role in your body composition because if you have a lower metabolism then it will be easy for you to maintain a lower bodyfat which is good for looking jacked. No word of a lie, I’ve met people who had so much of a slow metabolism that they would only shit three per week! For these people it is normal for them to be 265lb+ all year long, but there is obviously a lot of fat in there too.


This is hands down one of the most important factors when it comes to your genetics and this alone will separate the good from the bad bodybuilders. I’ve met people who didn’t have good genetics in this department so they would store a lot of fat in their waist, belly and chest which looks terrible if you ask me because it gives you the upside down v taper. On the other hand there are some people who I know who store a lot of fat in their shoulders, back and glutes which if you ask me is amazing because the fact that they don’t store a lot of fat in their stomach and a lot in their back/shoulders makes them look leaner even though they are getting fat because they will appear wider which gives a good illusion.


Your limb length is also pre-determined by your genetics and it is important too because if you have extremely long arms that pass your knees then you may be a good Deadlifter, but good luck trying to have big arms because they will most likely never look big because of the fact that they are so long. The same thing can also be said about legs because if you have super long legs then good luck looking like you train legs because it is going to be very hard. At the same time this only applies to bodybuilding and there are still advantages in other sports nonetheless. For example, if you have extremely long arms then it won’t be as hard for you to dunk a basketball and if you have long legs then you might be able to sprint faster.


Your skin color is also obviously determined by your genetics because you can’t choose that (although if you are very pal but you move to a hot island then that could change).


Your shoulder to waist ratio is also a big factor in genetics because if you are naturally a broader individual then you will look a lot bigger and more muscular than somebody who is so narrow that you can barely see their shoulders because width is the key to looking big. At the same time, to create that illusion of width, you also need a smaller waist. Some people are not broad, but the fact that their waist is so small makes them look more broad so the waist to shoulder ratio is an important thing as well.

I can literally go on for days, but these are really the big ones for when it comes to body composition.

I’ve met a handful of people in my life who I could honestly say had the type of genetics where they’ve never trained a day in their lives yet everybody thought that they were on steroids.

Think about it for a second, if a human being could be 8’11 which is almost 9 feet tall then that alone should tell you how powerful genetics are. Wadlow was literally almost the height of a 10 foot basketball rim which made him look like a lanky giant. Yet when you see somebody on your Facebook or Instagram with “wide 3D delts” then they are automatically on drugs? The same way how someone could be so tall that they have to bend over when they walk through doors is the same way how some people are so wide that they have to turn sideways to go through doors. I know this for a fact because I’ve seen people who had this kind of width and I could tell that it was 100% genetics too because they were small everywhere else.

Some people were just born with certain genetics that are more extreme than others. Some of these people can literally be one in a billion, but they are still out there nonetheless which proves that it is possible and goes to show that these special humans are out there.

This is one of the reasons why I get frustrated when people call people like Chris Jones from POG or Kinobdy out for being on steroids because although they have good physiques, they are still attainable and if you think otherwise then you have no real understanding of what the human body can accomplish. If somebody could be born with 18 inch forearms without training and somebody else could be born be born with size 24 shoes then why can’t Greg and Chris be drug-free?


In conclusion, there are people out there who look extremely impressive off of just their genetics ALONE.So imagine if you mix hard work, a top trainer who supplies you with training, nutrition and supplementation plans? Imagine how much of a freak you would be after that…

So next time try to think twice before you call somebody out for being on steroids.

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