50 Best Rap & Metal Songs For Lifting (PR Music) (2015)

50 Best Rap & Metal Songs For Lifting (PR Music) (2015)

50 Best Rap & Metal Songs For Lifting (PR Music)

Besides the gym, music has had a dramatic impact on my life ever since the age of 9. Maybe it’s the loud bass that does something to me or maybe the enthusiasm put into the lyrics, music is great and I rarely ever go a day without it. Not only do I love music, but I love different genres of music and I am always open to hearing new stuff. I grew up with Rap but I also love rock, deep house, punk rock, alternative and electronic music and things of that nature. So you could imagine that when I put training and music together its pretty much the best of both worlds for me. Today I will share with you my top songs that have helped me lift the heaviest amounts of weight that I could possibly handle when training. If you have any that I might be missing then write them down in the comment section below, enjoy!


1. Deftones – Tempest, Be Quiet & Drive, My Own Summer

2. Foo Fighters – My Hero

3. Linkin Park – Querty, Points of Authority, So Far Away, By Myself, A Place For My Head, Forgotten, One Step Closer, Papercut

4. Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box, Smells Like Teen Spirit

5. Egypt Central – Locked & Caged, Different

6. Disturbed – Voices, Stupify

Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About You, Painkiller


7. Tupac – Under Pressure, Catching Feelings

8. The Game – We Ain’t (Feat Eminem), Bigger Than Me

9. Young Buck – Lose My Mind, Do it Myself

10. Eminem – Soldier, Go To Sleep (Feat DMX & Obie Trice), Phenominal

11. Tony Yayo – We Don’t Give a F, Homicide

12. Lloyd Banks – Work Magic, Warrior part 2,

13. Obie Trice – We All Die One Day, Adrenaline Rush, Average Man,

14. 50 Cent – My Toy Soldier (Ft Tony Yayo), Piggy Bank

15. Styles P – Frustration, Locked Up (Feat Akon)

16. Sheek Louch – Its On (Feat Bully), Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

17. Jadakiss – Kiss Of Death, Still Feel Me

18. Biggie – If I Should Die Before I Wake, Suicidal Thoughts

19. D12 – Pistol Pistol, 6 in the Morning, Loyalty

20. Rowdy Rebel – Computers

21. Ar-Ab – Protocol, Goon Story, Hunger Pains

22. Nas – New York State Of Mind 2,  Small World, We Will Survive

23. Freddie Gibbs – BFK, Lay It Down

24. Yung Jungle – Break

25. Vinnie Paz – Cheesesteaks

26. Giggs – Walk In Da Park Intro

27. Youngbloodz – Imma Shine

28. Three 6 Mafia – Its a Fight, I’m So High


Every hardcore lifter could benefit from having some good music to pump them up and help them get that edge to lift a bit more weight. So far I am at 50 songs but everytime I think of some new songs I will add them to the list until the list gets to 101 songs. If you know any other songs that are great for lifting then please comment below or let me know because I know that I am missing a lot of good music and I am always open to new sounds!

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