3 Tips to Add 1500-2000+ Calories to Your Daily Caloric Intake Without Trying Too Hard (2015)

3 Tips to Add 1500-2000+ Calories to Your Daily Caloric Intake Without Trying Too Hard (2015)

3 Tips to Add 1500-2000+ Calories to Your Daily Caloric Intake Without Trying Too Hard

Gaining weight is not rocket science. If you aren’t gaining weight then you are not eating enough, its that simple. If you aren’t gaining weight on 3000 calories then its time for you to up the calories then. Everybody who trains wants to look extraordinary, but the problem is that they eat like ordinary people and get ordinary results.

If you want to be EXTRAordinary then you need to start doing the EXTRA stuff that the average person isn’t doing.

If you spend 10 hours training and 60 hours sleeping per week then there is still about 100 hours that you aren’t training or resting so you have to use that time to your advantage to eat a lot.

“I don’t have a big appetite but I want to gain weight”

I never really had a big appetite either, but it slowly comes overtime and these tips below will help you consume more calories almost magically, you just have to apply the information.

Lets get into it:

1) MAKE LIQUID MEALS A STAPLE EVERYDAY (One in the morning and one before bed)

If you are eating 3 big meals per day then another way to add more calories to your daily intake would be to make liquid meals a staple. If you are serious then you would have 3 of them. You would take one in the morning with your breakfast, one after your workout and one before bed.

Liquid meals taste thick, but they are good for people who don’t have huge appetites and calories are calories. Your body doesn’t know or care if the bananas were put in the blender or not, you are still getting the calories from the banana but you are just getting it as a form of liquid.

I am not an advocate of only drinking liquid meals while neglecting solid foods because that is just ignorant and doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, I just use the liquid meals as tool to gain weight. I personally haven’t had any liquid meals in a while, but I was gaining weight when I used to have them with my other meals and this is why I am going to start again.

As far as what you should put in the blender, it really depends on you. I used to put some nuts, milk, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and a few scoops of peanut butter, but you could put what you want to put. There is no right or wrong here, its more about personal preferences.

I really like the liquid meals for skinny guys because even though you might be full food-wise, you will most likely still have room to drink a shake and this is great because those extra calories will be beneficial for your success.


One tablespoon of olive oil contains 120 calories so that means if you put 4 tablespoons in your pasta or any other appropriate meal then that’s close to 500 calories without barely even tasting it, its literally just like free calories. This may not be the healthiest approach, but remember that sometimes you have to use some unconventional tactics in order to achieve your goal, olive oil is no exception.


I never liked snacks because I always found them annoying to carry around, that was until I found out about nuts. Cashews are great healthy fats, but they also contain a lot of protein and they are in a bag so you can easily put them in your bag or in your jacket pocket.


There are a lot of more tips on how add more calories to your daily intake but these were some of the big ones that have helped me and other lifters throughout our lifting careers. The truth is that these tips are so simple and easy, you just have to apply it and you’ll be good. Too many people like to complicate the weight gaining process a lot more than they have to. At Fitworld Exposed we like to keep things as simple and convenient as possible because we understand that people have lives and quite frankly it is very hard to consume 8 hard meals per day.

Simplicity is key.


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