Q&A with World Armwrestling League Competitor: Frode Haugland (2016)

Q&A with World Armwrestling League Competitor: Frode Haugland (2016)

Here at Fitworld Exposed we talk a lot about how the key to getting bigger arms all lies in the forearms and arm-wrestlers exemplify this because a lot of them don’t have the biggest biceps/triceps yet their arms still look massive. On the other hand you have a lot of people who train at commercial gyms who are blasting their biceps and triceps like no tomorrow but yet their arms still look small as a whole and that’s because they haven’t developed the outer extremities of their arms.

I always say that whenever you want to get good at anything you always want to take advice from the best and arm-wrestlers have some of the biggest and strongest forearms and hands on the planet because their sport revolves around that (along with technique and a bunch of other factors).

Not only could we learn about getting bigger forearms from arm-wrestlers, but we could also learn tips on arm-wrestling techniques and other interesting stuff relating to the sport because lets face it, arm wrestling is one of the most alpha sports out there. I personally feel like its an underrated sport for the most part and doesn’t get all of the love that it deserves and that’s why its part of my duty to spread the word on these amazing athletes because they deserve the attention!

For the readers who don’t already know, how long did your arm-wrestling career last and when did you start making a career out of it? Also is armwrestling your actual job or do you have something else on the side?

I have been pulling for about 12 years now. Arm wrestling isn’t big enough too make a living out of it, so it’s just a hobby. My daytime job is carpenter. I was invited to join armwars in 2008 for the first time and has been one of the main characters in there ever sins.

What is your biggest goal for this year?

This year my goal is to place top 3 at WAL finals in Vegas 25-26 June

A lot of bodybuilders will have programs that look something like:

Monday: Chest + Triceps

Tuesday: Legs

Wed: Rest

Thursday: back + Biceps + Forearms

Friday: Shoulders + Traps

This is a common example of what is known as a bodybuilding split routine.

What does your weekly training routine look like for arm wrestling on average?

Well for me, I do it like this:

Monday: heavy back, bicep and forearm

Tuesday: hiking

Wednesday: triceps, some light back bicep and forearm

Thursday: hiking

Friday: arm wrestling

Saturday:  hiking

Sunday: rest


How long do your sessions usually last on average and how long does it take for you to get warmed up?

How long do your sessions usually last on average and how long does it take for you to get warmed up?

Gym sessions is 1.5 hour’s and arm wrestling depends on how many that Show’s up, but average 2 hours. I also warm up more the for gym sessions 15-20 min with light pulling

Do you ever incorporate 4 inch+ handle work in your training? In other words how fat are the handles that you train with?

For the most part I don’t use fatgrips, but for forearms I use 2-3 inch never tried 4 I think.

Do you find that Captain Crush Grippers help your performance in arm wrestling and do you find that they are good for forearm hypertrophy?

No, I don’t.. I used COCG for 6 months and have never had more problems with pain then I had then (I did over do it tho, almost everyday)

Do you ever incorporate any Farmers walks into your training?

Nope, my legs are to weak for that :p

Do you incorporate any sledgehammer levering work into your programming and if so then how heavy is your hammer that you use?

No, never tried it. Other than what I have to do at work.

What is the most weight that have ever strict curled and what rep range do you usually work in?

How strict? :p 35kg maybe.. I do a lot of 90 degree statics, did hold 85 kg for around 10 sec one arm one’s, haven’t tried in a long time so maybe more now.. I do some 10×3 with 5 sec hold parallel to the floor and 8-12×3-4 normal


A lot of arm wrestlers talk a lot about the importance of doing hammer curls along with pinwheel curls and how they take these exercises very seriously, would you mind elaborating on why exactly?

Well for an arm wrestler it’s important to be able to stop your opponent’s move, so you should be strong enough in every angle and transition in to your comfortable spot.

I’ve never played any serious arm-wrestling matches against anybody in my life, what are a couple of basic and critical tips that you could give me to start off if ever anybody challenges me?

Always warm up if not you will feel it the next day. Always look at your arm, so it doesn’t break. And try to use your back to pull you opponent towards you, and use your body to take him down, not your shoulders or chest muscles.

How do you use leg drive and core strength during an arm wrestling match? Also what is your take on foot placement and lower body stance as far as getting a mechanical advantage is concerned?

Every muscle is in action some way, the foot placement is important and tells you a lot on witch way you opponent is going. It’s like when lifting heavy you want to stand as stable as you can.

Are there any “cheats” or “hacks” per say that aren’t really cheats, but they give you a huge advantage in winning an arm wrestling match? (ex: squeezing a particular one of your opponents fingers..etc)

Yes but it’s too hard to explain, I can show you 😉

How do you use the strength of your shoulders and lats to aid you in an arm wrestling match? Also how important are these muscles for arm wrestling and do you experience soreness in these areas the day after a serious match?

Shoulders are more for support, not that much in use.. lats are very important, to drag you opponent closer to you so his bicep stretches more and gets weaker. Lats are sore sometimes but shoulders hurt more if something’s I have been hit with a surprising move.


What are some breathing and bracing techniques that you could give novice arm wrestlers?

Put you right foot forward, set your arm right on the table, curl your wrist, use your lats to drag and move sideways with your body, it’s that easy. 😉

What are some of the ways that you can tell that someone has good genetics for the sport of arm wrestling? (ex: thick wrists…etc)

If you have a big hand, and thick joints..

One of my biggest goals is to have 16 inch upper arms with 16 inch forearms. I currently have 15.5 inch upper arms and about 14.25 inch forearms and I know that getting to 16 inches will take long, but what do you recommend? (ex: weight gain, special exercises…etc).

Weight gain is always the easiest but doesn’t look good :p triceps is the biggest on for your upper arm so build it up, in the forearm you have a lot of mussels so train them 😉


What forearm exercises do you find make your forearms blow up the most in size in your opinion?

Wrist curls with a thick Handel, with your forearm at 45 degree angle

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