Q&A with Lightweight World Champion Armwrestler & Scot Mendelsons Coach: Vazgen Soghoyan (2016)

Q&A with Lightweight World Champion Armwrestler & Scot Mendelsons Coach: Vazgen Soghoyan (2016)

Q&A with Lightweight World Champion Armwrestler & Scot Mendelsons Coach: Vazgen Soghoyan

Here at Fitworld Exposed we talk a lot about how the key to getting bigger arms all lies in the forearms and arm-wrestlers exemplify this because a lot of them don’t have the biggest biceps/triceps yet their arms still look massive. On the other hand you have a lot of people who train at commercial gyms who are blasting their biceps and triceps like no tomorrow but yet their arms still look small as a whole and that’s because they haven’t developed the outer extremities of their arms.

I always say that whenever you want to get good at anything you always want to take advice from the best and arm-wrestlers have some of the biggest and strongest forearms and hands on the planet because their sport revolves around that (along with technique and a bunch of other factors).

Not only could we learn about getting bigger forearms from arm-wrestlers, but we could also learn tips on arm-wrestling techniques and other interesting stuff relating to the sport because lets face it, arm wrestling is one of the most alpha sports out there. I personally feel like its an underrated sport for the most part and doesn’t get all of the love that it deserves and thats why its part of my duty to spread the word on these amazing athletes because they deserve the attention!

Today we have a VERY special guest who goes by the name of Vazgen Soghoyan. He has been armwrestling for decades, has won countless tournaments in the lightweight class (although he could still defeat 300lb monsters and he is also Scot Mendelsons coach!

How long have you been armwrestling for? What made you get into this sport over something like powerlifting?

I’ve been doing AW for 20 years. I was doing general strength training, including powerlifting and bodybuilding, then participated in ARMWRESTLING tournament and beat everyone in my class and switched in AW.


Whats your biggest goal for this year?

Every year my goal is World Gold Medal, same is this year. World Championships Gold Medal is the highest title in AW.


What does your typical armwrestling program look like throughout the week? (types of exercises, days per week, time each sessions, table sessions vs gym..etc)?

I train 5-6 days in a week and that includes all types of professional AW training ( lifting, cable machine, bands, table time, literature ).

Do you ever incorporate any 3-4 inch handle work in your pgroams?

I picked up handles that are most comfortable, also Mazurenko equipment handles. They are usually not big grips, my hand and fingers size feel great with normal size of handle.


Do you incorporate any sledgehammer work in your programs?

I don’t use and sledgehammer. I think that’s ice age workout. For those muscles we have special AW training.


A lot of armwrestlers say that side pressure is bad for the elbow, whats your take on this and how did you stay so inujry free in the sport of armwrestling?

Armwrestling is an extreme pressure on your body, arms especially. Any direction pressure is critical moment. How I stay injury free? I just prepare my arms for that critical moment, bring my abilities to the extreme situations, and I can survive in real situations. Work hard, win safe.

How do you practice armwrestling matches if you dont have access to a special table and what are some alternatievs?

There are special training’s in case you don’t have a table. I had this situation for 2 years in 2006-2008 and I won 2 World Golds that time.  There’s something in sports psychology that is called imaginary. I talk about this thing before, but very few athletes could catch it. Need to grow to this level in your mind and then anything is impossible SIZE does not matter in most cases. Must develop AW skills to win a fight.


I have 16 inch upper arms and 14.5 inch forearms, but I want to get my forearm measurement to 16 inches. What are the3 best exercises that you have found made your forearms grow the most in size?

Forearms growth? Wrist curls with barbell, dumbbell, cable machine are the best exercises to work there.

Thank you for your time, if you want to see more of Vazgen then you could gfind him at:


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