Q&A With International Fitness Model Damien Patrick! (2016)

Q&A With International Fitness Model Damien Patrick! (2016)

Q&A With International Fitness Model Damien Patrick!

damien patrick

What’s your current weight, height and bodyfat percentage?

I’m currently 203lbs and 5’11. I have not had my BF tested in a while but I would guess I’m sitting at 13% which is high for me but I’m in a bulk phase.

What are your goals for this year as far as muscle you wish to bring up?


I have been pushing my arms, chest and quads a lot during this bulk phase. I would like to do a classic physique show and these are the muscle groups that I feel really need to stand out for that old school bodybuilding look.

How long have you been in the fitness industry for and how old were you when you first started training?

I’ve been involved in fitness for 15 years and I started when I was 15. I actually started working in the industry when I was 17 years old and that was a job at GNC as a sales associate, one year later I was the manager.

How many days are you currently training per week and how long per week and how long are your sessions?

I currently run a 3 day on and 1 day of rest split. I find this is optimal for recovery because of the amount of volume I do during my training.

What is your current bodybuilding split?

Day 1: chest in the am/ back in the Pm
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Shoulders and arms together
Day 4: Rest and then repeat

How often do you do conditioning per week?

During my bulk phase I limit my cardio to twice a week and that is usually 1 sprint or martial art based session (black belt in taekwondo) or I have my girlfriend train me in boxing as she is a Olympic certified boxing coach that use to fight in the ring.

What supplements are you currently taking?

I’m not very big on supplement use but I do take a plant base protein powder and I take some creatine.  When I prep for a show I do take BCAAs as well.

Can you share with our readers 3 general tips that you give your clients when they are trying to lose 10lb quickly?

Yes my tip is to not lose weight quickly lol, you almost always end up putting it back on. The best way to lose weight is 1 to 1.5lbs a week. However if you were really in a rush to lose weight then 60% of your weight loss should come from your diet and the rest your cardio and training. What I mean by that is your caloric deficit at which you will achieve weight loss, should mostly come from your diet.

What have you learned about rear delts ever since your famous rear delt video posted two years ago on Youtube?

Haha funny you should mention that, I actually thought about doing an updated video on that at some point with a few more exercises.

Do you measure your shoulders and other bodyparts to keep track of progress and if so then how often do you measure?

I usually don’t measure body parts unless I’m getting ready for a show because it is a good way to track progress. I have clients measure body parts because a lot of people guys are afraid to lose fat because they feel like they are shrinking but it is usually never the case. So by having them measure biceps and then again after 10lbs lost they can see the biceps are pretty much the same size but the waist has dropped 2 inches. It is a great motivational tool.


How many vertical presses do you currently incorporate into your programs?

Very few. I would put that number at 1 exercise per week and sometimes I will go two weeks without it. I’ve been able to greatly improve the look of my shoulder without pressing for almost an entire year(due to injury). So it is not needed for that.

What are your top 5 favorite vertical pressing variations to go back and forth with?

My 2 favorite at the barbell military and seated dumbbell.

How many side raises do you currently include in your programs and how essential do you think they are?

A ton! I usually do several variations of side raises. I currently do about 15 sets, twice a week.  Those variations usually involve dumbbells , cables and a machine. I like to throw in slow negatives on some of my sets to increase the time under tension.

You have some great forearms, what are your top 3 movements to train them and with which rep ranges?

My favorite 3 movements to train are dumbbell pull overs, t-bar rows and squats. I always train in the 8-12 rep range and occasionally will throw in a 15. My focus is strictly hypertrophy and that is how I maximize my time in the gym.

A lot of lifters out there can’t feel their lats working as much as they’d want when doing pull downs and pullovers, what are some general tips that you have to give? SQUEEZE THE PEANUT! Sounds funny but I mentioned this in my video. Imagine a peanut right under your armpit and when you hit the full range of the movement, crush the peanut with your armpit. Works with everyone!

What are your top 3 favorite ways to train your obliques?

When It comes to direct training to my obliques I do very light resistance stuff like across body  body crunches, wood choppers , ​​Russian twist.

Do you ever train your neck with any direct work?

No I don’t train neck, never really had to.

What’s the worst injury that you’ve ever experienced and how’d you get over it?

My worst injury has been rotator tendinitis. I’m still dealing with it but it has gotten a lot better with patience. I work around it, making sure not to put that shoulder in a bad position. I also try to be consistent with a regimen of physio work, icing and the occasional NSAID.

What do you want your legacy to be?

To have touched millions of lives in a positive way.

Check Out Damien Patrick Here:

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My fitness clothing line : www.totalalphabrand.com

My training website: www.damienpatrickfitness.com

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