Interview With IFBB Figure Pro Kalli Youngstrom! (2016)

Interview With IFBB Figure Pro Kalli Youngstrom!

Kalli, first off thank you for support and being here today, The Fitworld Blog website welcomes you!

Hi Josh, thanks so much for having me!

How old are you now, what age did you start training and why?

I just turned 25 this month (officially a quarter century, eek!)

I have always been athletic, having played many sports and wrestled at a national level until University, but I officially started training for bodybuilding in 2012 with my first competition in 2013.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself. A mini description if you will. How did you get started in the fitness area?  Do you aspire to be a fitness icon?

Well, I transitioned to competing after leaving wrestling and started taking my figure training seriously. At the time I was finishing my psychology degree and transitioning into business to obtain my marketing degree as well and naturally friends and family began asking me for training tips, nutrition plans, etc. I received my personal training certificate as well as a few nutrition certificates and began coaching on the side while I was in University and preparing for my first shows. From there my business continued to grow and it was a natural transition for me to commit to my business, KY Fitness, 100% once I completed my marketing degree. I have competed for the past three years and finished last season on a high note with the win of my IFBB Pro card! One of my biggest goals in fitness is to be the best inspiration, motivation, and role mode I can be, whether that leads to becoming an “icon” or not, I just want to know that I’m doing what I love and inspiring others along the way!

What is going on in your world right now? What are you doing in terms of fitness modelling, competing and personal training?

I currently signed a new sponsorship with a local company, Hercs Nutrition, which I’m very excited about, as well as received suit sponsorship with The Suit Lady which has made for a very exciting start to the year! I just started prep for my first pro show and am focused on that as well as my growing business, with a focus on clients in need of weight loss and lifestyle management, disordered eating management, and contest prep.

What’s the next step for Kalli Youngstrom?

I’m continuing to expand my business and want to keep helping others achieve their goals through my coaching services as well as YouTube videos, articles, and social media platforms. I’m in the process of making a few big business changes and focusing on bringing the best package I can to the pro stage!

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Best fitness moment?

The dream come true of becoming an IFBB Pro, of course!

Where does your motivation come from?

I think all bodybuilders, including myself, are extremely self motivated. I push myself to be better everyday and hold myself to an extremely high standard in terms of worth ethic and performance. I always say this is a double edged sword, as it keeps me from being never satisfied, but pushes me to continue to reach new highs. Aside from this, my clients, friends, and family are huge supporters and motivate me to reach my goals while keeping a level of balance in my life. I want to be the best me I can be for everyone I’m in contact with everyday!

What is your training, nutrition and supplementation like?

I’m very basic when it comes to my own training, nutrition, and supplementation. As far as training goes I prefer a weekly split (Back/Shoulders/Glutes & Hams/Chest & Arms/Back & Shoulders/Quads & Calves/ REST) and stick to a very “bodybuilder” style training usually with one heavy compound move to start my workout and move onto higher repetition isolation movements for the rest of the workout. As far as cardio goes I implement steady state (fasted or post workout) stepper or stair master as needed within my prep.

For nutrition I keep it simple and repetitive, a whole/clean foods diet that changes as needed for my seasonal goals (off season/on season) and separate my meals into 6 throughout the day. Depending on my physique I will implement weekly cheat meals as needed and in the off season I’m a bit more flexible with food sources and cheat meals.

For supplements I stick to the basics with protein powder, pre-workout as needed, creatine, glutamine, and a good multi-vitamin.

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Do you have any words of wisdom to inspire younger women starting their own fitness journey?

Make sure you’re investing in your fitness journey for the right reasons. When it comes to fitness I believe it should be a positive experience both mentally and physically and health should always be number one priority! If competition is the goal it’s important to consider the benefits of competing aside from just placing, as it’s a complete investment of your resources and you need to enjoy the entire journey, not just your few minutes on stage!

What was your proudest moment as a coach so far?

I could never pick just one. One of the most rewarding things about being a coach is the small victories I see clients achieve in their lives every single day. One of my favorite assessment tools are something I call NSVs (non-scale victories), which encourage clients to assess their performance and results on variables aside from the mirror, weight, and measurements. When I receive NSV feedback on things like increased confidence and improved health markers I am reminded of why I love what I do so much and how lucky I am to have the opportunity to help others in this way everyday. In dealing with many clients with different forms of disordered eating or strained food relationships some of the most rewarding times are seeing clients become relaxed and in control of their food in a positive way, which reflects the changes in psychology that are being achieved together.

What are your goals as far as 2016 are concerned?

Go big or go home, I’m going to (have to put it out into the universe 😉 ) win my first pro show and make the Olympia stage!

What are your 3 favorite things to do outside of training related stuff?

Food, movies, and time with friends & family. I’m a huge foodie, which is always an interest that’s hard to balance as a professional figure competitor, but I love all things food from cooking, to watching cooking shows, to trying new cuisine.

One of my favorite parts of post-show is trying the cuisine wherever I am and scoping out the best places! But, because for a majority of the year I’m in competition prep and don’t eat out often, I love movies and me and my boyfriend are huge movie buffs, whether it’s at home or in the theaters we usually watch a couple of movies a week in the evening after training.

Because I’m so often dieting for a show and my life is very structured around nutrition/training I cherish my time with friends and family, especially when I’m able to fully indulge with them! Despite contest prep I make sure to find time to be social and make time for the people I love and I always want to make the most of our time together.

Would you go out with a guy who body builds or does that turn you off?

I think almost every competitor would go out with a guy who body builds, me included, as it reflects similar interests and lifestyle habits. I feel very lucky in that my boyfriend and I started off competing together so he knows what goes into competition prep and is my number one supporter inside and outside of the gym!


Without thinking to hard, what are the 3 biggest female training myths out there that need to go away asap?

1)That women need to train differently from men to get results

2)That women are training FOR men

3)That women can’t and shouldn’t lift heavy and go ham in the gym!

How do you achieve a work/life balance between your training, work and social life?

It’s a challenge, especially being self-employed, but I’ve started creating boundaries for myself and clients. I try not to answer emails on Sundays and stay away from them after I get home from the gym in the evenings during the week (around 10 p.m.) I make an effort to do something social every weekend and make sure that even when I’m in prep I’m going out and doing activities with friends and family. Last night we went to a professional lacrosse game with friends and then I joined them for dinner, where I had tea while they enjoyed! It helps to have an extremely supportive group of friends and family who understand my lifestyle and goals.

What is your philosophy on training? Please share your insights.

Keep it SIMPLE! Even I falter here sometimes, but in general I always stick with the tried and true methods of training and very basic “old-school” exercises. There’s a reasons they’re the basics and there’s a reason they work. When it comes to training I want to be effective and efficient in the gym, get the work done, and get out.

Current relationship status?

Happily taken for going on 5 years, thanks to Josh for putting up with me everyday, he deserves an award!

Before we go, what is your top tip that you could give all trainers out there for having a successful business?

Properly educate yourself! Reputation is everything in training and I know many new coaches are eager to start working with clients, but being prepared and educated in all areas is crucial. I am constantly educating myself on a regular basis to keep up with new research and pushing myself to study constantly to provide new knowledge to my clients as well as myself. As a coach I feel very strongly that you should experiment with different methods on yourself before recommending them to clients, I want to know exactly what I’m recommending!

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