Q&A With Rising Bikini Competitor Natasha Kredl! (2016)

Q&A With Rising Bikini Competitor Natasha Kredl!

Natasha, first off thank you for support and being here today, The Fitworld Blog website welcomes you!

well thank YOU!


How old are you now, what age did you start training and why?

I am 22 years old now. I’ve always been quite active growing up (horseback riding, snowboarding, gymnastics, wakeboarding, etc) but I started training seriously in September 2014, when I decided that I wanted to take my fitness to another level, create my body into something that I’ve been dreaming for, for years. The gym had become a place I considered a second home, somewhere to get away, be in my bubble, let go of everything causing me stress and just focus on me… I also have pretty good genes, so might as well use them while I can!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. A mini description if you will. How did you get started in the fitness area?  Do you aspire to be a fitness icon?

Honestly, it just kind of came out of nowhere. I never expected to be where I am today. Do I aspire to be a fitness icon? Perhaps… I mean I would like to think I am capable to be that’s for sure but only time will tell. All I know is that I love helping people achieve their goals. Physically yes, but I find mentally is an essential part of it as well; people tend to forget that! I always wanted to be in business, in marketing to be exact, and after I got my DEC in Business Admin, I took a break because I knew something was missing… No clue what it was but I knew there was something else for me out there! I worked in a bunch of different industries before I discovered the fitness industry and that’s when I knew, this was it. I applied to Mansfield Club Pointe Claire, any openings they had I wanted it. I had to start somewhere and a year and a half later, working full time and now consider this place my second home, my family… Could not be more thankful!


What is going on in your world right now? What are you doing in terms of fitness modelling and personal training?

Right now I am focusing on my prep; I will be competing at the APQ provincials ATP in Laval on July 16th (tickets are already available if you are interested to come check out a great show!) I have been prepping for this prep (go figure) for the last 7 months with my amazing coach Julie Royer; she’s been kicking my ass left, right and centre for me to prepared for this competition. I’ve been receiving amazing support from everyone around me including my team ANS Performance who has been by my side since the start of my prep and provide me with amazing supplements. I am SO excited to see how things unfold. Modelling kind of comes and goes, if I have a great opportunity ahead of me, I grab it, always! I’ll be doing a few shoots closer to my competition and hopefully a lot more will follow afterwards.

What’s the next step for you Natasha?

Just focusing on myself at the moment; my career in the fitness industry, my work and school! I’m going back to school in September to study Athletic Therapy at Concordia University so I can really take my education to another level. Apart from that, I hope to grow and learn as much as I can, meet as many people as I can and I make sure to give every day my all because I don’t have time to waste! Life is too short to sit around hoping things will happen for myself, I MAKE things happen.



Best fitness moment?

Obviously my first competition was a huge step for me and a confirmation that I really am born to do this. Also, the FMF fitness competition back in October ’15 was an amazing time! I got to meet and hang out with Lizabeth Lopez back stage (yes, she looks just as amazing in person). I also have to say that all the amazing people I’ve met through social media sharing the same passion as me, WAS and still is one of my “best fitness moments”.

Where does your motivation come from?

A little bit from everywhere… my surroundings, my family and of course myself. I have a lot of self-discipline and I know I can do anything once I put my mind to it; I want to be the best version of myself in every possible way (as hard as it may be) but hey, that’s the beauty of life! It’s part of it and knowing me and how stubborn I can be, when I have a certain idea in my head, nothing and no one will stop me till I achieve it.

What is your training, nutrition and supplementation like?

Right now considering I am on prep, (13 weeks out), my meal plan consists of carb cycling, high protein and moderate fat intake. My training sessions are pretty wicked to be honest! Considering I’ve built quite a bit of muscle in the last year, I am trying to reduce my fat content as well as a bit of mass (to be bikini ready). I am currently doing 3 days weight lifting with lots of super sets followed by 25 mins cardio (preferably the stairmaster), 2 days of 45 mins HIIT cardio and 2 days rest which is not easy for me… I LOVE TO TRAIN! When it comes to supplements, I keep it simple but I mostly use the Diablo products from ANS Performance which are all about fat loss and I am totally obsessed with them all! The Diablo protein Vanilla Ice cream, thermogenic and PM are definitely my top 3 favorites.

Do you have any words of wisdom to inspire younger women starting their own fitness journey?

Don’t be afraid to hit the weight section. Don’t get me wrong I totally get it that it may be intimidating at first especially when you see other women that are already hella fit squatting 2 plates no problem and you don’t even know how to even squat down properly. But listen, everyone starts somewhere, educate yourself, ask questions, do your research and learn how to do it all properly! Just remember that you are doing this for YOURSELF and no one else; that will probably be the breaking point in your fitness journey, when you realize that this is all for you, for your health, your confidence, your happiness and no one else’s.

What was your proudest moment as an athlete so far?

My proudest moment was definitely just the fact that I had stepped on stage in a bikini for my first time back in 2015, when a few years ago I wouldn’t even go in a bikini on the beach with my friends. I have come such a long way to be where I am today and no matter what people said about me or this lifestyle, no matter the obstacles I had to conquer or the sacrifices I had to endure, I kept going and I still keep going and I will not stop.

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What are your goals as far as 2016 are concerned?

Definitely my top goal is to bring my best package on that stage at the APQ Provincials. I picture it daily and I am just so motivated to make this prep a complete game changer for myself. Apart from that, I just want to keep growing as much as I can as a person which requires a lot of work actually but it is soooooo fulfilling. I also want to keep growing my career in the fitness industry, on my social media, my vlogs, my online clients, the list goes on and on! Is there such thing as too many goals? Never.

What are your 3 favorite things to do outside of training related stuff?

1. I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends (when they’re not dying in their books during finals). 2. I love do go outside, do anything outdoors, go for a walk with my dog, or even a last minute road trip to god knows where; it’s all about being spontaneous for me! 3. Reading and relaxing, it’s so important to me to take time for myself to unwind and do something to calm me down, keep me grounded because I really do find myself more focused and at peace afterwards.

Without thinking to hard, what are the 3 biggest female training myths out there that need to go away asap?

1. If you have a big upper body, to stop training upper body. Like …… what? No. That is completely false! How do you expect to have amazing biceps or shoulders or triceps without even training them? 2. Women should not lift too heavy. Why? Because we will end up looking like a dude? That doesn’t happen. Especially not over night. LADIES please go and lift heavy things and put them down, thank me later. 3. Cardio bunnies. That trend needs to stop! Cardio is great for you especially when you want to shred the extra fat but it should only be PART of your training, not ALL of your training. The best results I’ve gotten was from circuit training and weight lifting.

How do you achieve a work/life balance between your training, work and social life?

It’s all about time management and priorities. My weeks are usually planned way ahead of time, day by day, my training schedules, my meals, my shifts at work, my personal errands, when I need to go to sleep.. It takes a lot of self-discipline to stick to it all so precisely but when I do, I feel so on control and ready to take on my days!

What is your philosophy on training? Please share your insights.

My philosophy would probably be mind to muscle connection… You can’t just lift weights, to just lift weights, to expect results. It’s important to know what you are working out, what you are targeting and focus your mind on that specific muscle, slow down and focus on your tempo, feel it burn and work. When you are feeling that you can’t do any more reps, continue anyways till you are done because that extra rep is what is going to make the difference; every training matters.

Before we go, what is your top tip that you could give all athletes out there for reaching their goals?

Stay focused. Write down and picture yourself where you want to be, daily, and it will come to a point where you won’t even have to try to do that, it will just come naturally and that is what will get you to get out of bed at 6 am for training if that is only time you have to get your workout out. You are literally the only one who can get yourself to where you want to be, no one else, and if you don’t believe it’s possible then it definitely won’t be achievable, you have to believe that it is and you will get there, with no doubt in your mind.

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