Interview With YouTube Bodybuilding & Calisthenics Star ChickenbreastTV

Interview With YouTube Bodybuilding & Calisthenics Star ChickenbreastTV

What are your goals for 2016 as far as business, competing and other aspects are concerned? How much do u want to weigh and at what bodyfat % by January 1st 2017?

2016 is going to be a big year. I’m leaving the personal training industry, I’ve actually been job hunting, but I’m not leaving the fitness industry or ending my entrepreneurial endeavors. I will have a “normal people” job but I’ll also be running a website to expand my YouTube brand, ChickenBreastTV. We will sell clothes, have exclusive membership only content/videos, and selling online training & nutrition. As far as my bodybuilding goals, I was in contest prep getting ready for May, but due to complications had to end it. Now I will be moving into my off-season and the goal is 250lbs 15%bf , I don’t know if I’ll get there by Jan 1st but I’ll get there.


What motivates you to compete? Do you have any competing tips for our readers?

I love bodybuilding, its such a challenging sport and with great challenges come great rewards. To be honest I’m not always motivated, motivation is a high, its not real. You just have to believe that no matter what IT WILL BE WORTH IT, and it will be. Like they say when you’re going through hell keep going, rise through the ashes my friend.


How much of a surplus do you go to during a dirty bulk?

My off season are never as programmed as they should be, this off season will be but in the past I wouldn’t be surprised if I was averaging upward of 4500 calories per day. Dirty bulking is a great way to put on mass if done correctly. Hit your protein goal daily, keep at least half your carbs clean, and get good fats in, then you can have fun and eat junk as long as your health isn’t declining as a result.

What are your favorite foods for bulking?

This is an easy one, Digiorno Pizza, Dominos Pizza, Sour Patch Kids, and stuffed tortellini, well those are my favorite cheat foods at least.


What are 5 tips to improve your weighted pull-up numbers?

#1 is always do body weight pull ups, do them often, do them with good form. I’d say #2 start off adding lightweight to the pull-ups because you want to make sure you can still have some decent volume during workouts with weighted pull-ups, remember you’re training to do more weighted pull-ups that’s endurance training. #3 don’t forget to deload every couple weeks or months, you can’t constantly be pulling heavyweight your body will burn out and you will plateau. #4 isometrics are a great way to strengthen the weak points in your range of motion of your weighted pull-ups, find out where in your range of motion you struggle the most and hold that position for 10 to 30 to even 60 seconds with different amounts of weight. #5 is basically the Progressive Overload Principle once a weight begins to feel light, go heavier until that heavier weight feels light and so on.

What in your opinion are the top 3 hardest body weight leg exercises of all time? At the top of my head I could think of the single leg norbit hamstring curl, but what else?

I’ve honestly never seen a pistol squat done correctly (myself included), so I’m going to have to say a pistol squat for the first one. I’d also have to agree with the norbit hamstring curl, and add 2 that maybe most people wouldn’t think are so difficult because of their simplicity but are brutally uncomfortable which are the wall sit and sprint. I understand the sprint is not seen as a leg exercise because its aerobic and uses the total body but add it into a calisthenic leg day and you’ll understand.


What are the top 5 body weight exercises (without external resistance) (ex: 1 arm chin-ups) that you contribute most of your mass to?

There are a lot of great exercises I’ve used, but if I had to pick 5 I’d definitely pick… pull up, push up, dip, muscle up, front lever raises (in no particular order)

If you have a client who has never trained in his or her life, what steps would you take to teach him/her to do a muscle up?

The client would have to develop pulling strength first, for injury prevention and because basically a muscle up is just an advanced pull up, so the client would start by practicing pull ups. Then I would physically assist them during assisted muscle ups so they can feel the motion of the movement and understand their body’s positioning in space. From there I would have them working with bands to attempt dead hang muscle ups and ultimately have them attempting some sort of kipping style muscle up until they finally got it and just clean it up from there. Sometimes the best way to train your first muscle up is just to keep attempting it.


Same question but for a front lever?

The front lever is very different than the muscle up. One does not simply attempt a front lever. You must work your way up through the essential progressions. Pull up, hanging leg raise, skin the cat, toe to bar, tuck front lever, one leg tuck front lever, straddle front lever, and finally the front lever. Controlled negatives for all the exercises listed work well too.

Favorite back exercise?

Favorite calisthenics back exercise is a modified chin up, popping the chest out and upward and keeping the core loose and not contracted. I can really squeeze the crap out of your lats doing this. Favorite back exercise with weights is cable pull down. It’s such a long range of motion and there are so many different attachments to attack the lats from different angles.

Favorite exercise for forearms?

Deadlifts and Hammer Curls. If I had to pick a calisthenics forearm exercise though I’d say false grip anything seems to grow forearms but of course just hanging on the bar till failure is killer.


What do you feel like is missing the most int he calisthenics community?

I love the comradery but it wouldn’t hurt if we had a little more rivalry at competitions, it would make things more interesting to watch, which would inevitable lead to sponsors, more funding, bigger cash prizes, more exposure, and maybe one day these athletes could make a living doing what they love.

Top 3 favorite lifting songs that help you hit PR’s?

I don’t know if these are my top 3 but they’re up there. Murder Dolls – Lets Go To War, Breaking Point – One Of A Kind, Limp Bizkit – My Way.

What are your top 3 favorite movies?

Generation Iron, Biggest Stronger Faster, Pumping Iron. Hahaha that’s too BRO typical. I do love horror movies or psychological thrillers that are kinda dark and depressing.

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