Interview With Published Fitness Model, Star Personal Trainer & Fitness Competitor Benny Benaroch! (2016)

Interview With Published Fitness Model, Star Personal Trainer & Fitness Competitor Benny Benaroch!

Benny Benaroch is one of the top personal trainers in Montreal. He is recognized by many as a leading personal transformation coach. He has a passion for competing and transforming his clients lives!

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What are your goals for this year lift wise and weight/body-fat % wise? What is your dream physique?

Well, I’ve managed to maintain my best physique to date from my last show which was in October 2015. I’ve been hovering around my stage weight and I’m maybe 2-3 pounds off. I’m not so focused on bulking or anything like that. I’ve managed to get an awesome physique together and I’m focused on maintaining it year round. I’ve been doing a pretty good job so far 🙂

As for lifts, I I know I’m not going to be getting that much stronger considering I’m not going to be increasing my calories as much as I would need to do really increase strength and size. As I mentioned, I’m focused on maintaining the physique I have now and trying to perfect it. My current goal is to bring an even better physique to my next show which might take place in April 2016 depending on the next couple of weeks.

Whats the most important personality trait that a transformation coach could possess? What motivates you to keep going and push harder?

My best trait is that I motivate my clients. Clients tell me all  the time that I rub off on them. I come off as very caring, they feel like I care about them. My clients know that they’re not the only clients that I have. These last few months especially, my client base has grown significantly. They like to tell me that although I have so many clients, I make them feel like they are my only client and it means a lot to them. People need that.

They need to know that the coach is always there for them. Whenever they have a question, I’m right there to answer any questions they may have and help guide them through the process. As a coach, you’re present with your client when you’re with them. There’s a whole bunch of hours where you’re not with them and it helps keep them on point when they’re at home cooking or out at a restaurant trying to make the right choice. It makes a world of difference as your motivation is rubbing off on them in a big way. When clients are training alone, they will push that 10-20% harder for their goals by receiving that extra support.

One more thing I would like to add is that no client wants to feel like they’re a dollar sign. This is extremely important point to consider as a coach. You should never make your client feel like they are your salary. Your job is to help your clients reach their goals. Helping the clients with their needs should be your number one priority!

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How would you describe your love for competing in fitness shows?

It’s all I know man. I started competing at 17 years old. I’m going on 10 years now! I have competed in my 10th show at this point. When I first picked up weights I knew it was something I wanted to do. I fell in love with weight training at 15years old and decided to take it to the next level at the year after. I started prepping for my first show at 16 years old. I remember my coach telling me that this is going to be one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life and I never understood what he meant until a couple of months into it. At a young age, when you’re given a task, it’s easy to put everything you have into it.  I didn’t really have a lot going on otherwise at that age. It taught me how to be disciplined and that you could put your body through incredible things. I do love is the feeling of winning. I won my first show and that dive of winning and wanting to look my best is really something special.

The motivation that comes with preparing for a show is a thrill man. Every workout counts that much more. Everything you put in you body counts that much more. It’s a high, when you’re on that stage! You don’t know what it is until you experience it.

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Favorite lift?

Stiff Legged Deadlifts

Least favorite lift?

Close Grip Bench Press. not a fan of those.

What are your 3 favorite things to do outside of training related stuff?

I’m a big movie fan. I love watching movies. I’m also huge football fan. On NFL Sunday I can sit in front of the television for a good 12 hours watching back to back games. Especially watching my Green Bay Packers! I haven’t done it in months but playing a video game is always fun.

What are your 3 favorite movies?

1) Donnie Brasco

2) Troy

3) Gladiator

What is your personal philosophy on training and nutrition?

Whatever your goal is, you have to stick to it. I see too many times that when people don’t see that overnight result that they give up. You have to make exercise a part of your life and be consistent. Patience is super important. It can’t be like a one and done thing.

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Can you share any fitness secrets with our readers?

Respect your diet. Especially for people that want to compete, I see it all the time. They’re almost close to being stage ready and overdo it on cheat meals? Well do you think that big burger and pizza you had on Saturday is just going to vanish into your body and not affect you? If you want to reach that next level then respect the diet.

What type of cardio do you recommend to your clients?

I’m big on intervals or high intensity cardio sessions. Don’t waste time. Don’t spend time doing cardio for hours. Always think high intensity. I like my cardio to be effective. Whichever form of cardio you prefer, up the intensity and make it count!

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Do you have any crazy competition stories to share with our readers?

First competition ever, my trainer allowed me to eat delicious oatmeal bars once a week. It was every Friday morning. Keep in mind I’m 17 years old and he put on this strict old school diet (tuna, broccoli, chicken). Before this I was a kid eating frosted flakes every day! So he introduces me to these oatmeal bars every single Friday and I’m dieting for 5 months straight. At the time I was living with my brother and that one time I didn’t hide my oatmeal bar he ate it! So I woke up that Friday morning, super excited to have my oatmeal bar as usual. When I opened the fridge, I saw a piece of it left in the fridge and remainder in the garbage! I was livid man. I went into his room and woke him up (his girlfriend was with him at the time). I just started yelling and going crazy at 6 a.m. I hopped in my car and dove to the gym in a 20cm snowstorm to get another oatmeal bar and I was good. Our relationship wasn’t the same for another 6 months.

Before we go, what is your top tip that you could give all trainers out there for having a successful business?

Make your clients feel special. A client that is satisfied will bring you another 3 clients. I’ve managed to build a good clientele and I have to say 90% of it is through referrals. Treat your clients with respect. Go out of your way to see what’s up with them. Don’t’ show up late to your appointments. Show up early even. Clients love all that. Good service matters.

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