Interview With NPC Bikini Competitor Chyanne Jacomini! (2016)

Interview With NPC Bikini Competitor Chyanne Jacomini!

Chyanne, first off thank you for support and being here today, The Fitworld Blog website welcomes you!

Thank you for having me!

How old are you now, what age did you start training and why?

I’m currently 30 years old. A year and a half ago I made the decision to complete a 12 week prep to compete in my first fitness competition with the NPC. 6 months prior to stepping on stage, I gave birth to my son. The thought of competing crossed my mind 3 months after I gave birth, but I ignored the idea. For some reason, the thought crossed my mind a couple of times thereafter and I continued to ignore it with thoughts that I wasn’t good enough for those shows. The last time it crossed my mind, I said to myself, “what do I have to lose?” I knew I wanted to be in the best shape of my life and that this was a great opportunity to get there.


What made you choose the Bikini division?

I am a tall, lanky chick with long muscles. I would have never stood a chance in any other division a year and a half ago. The bikini division was the right division for me.

What’s the next step for you Chyanne?

I will be stepping on stage March 26th at the Governor’s cup in Sacramento with hopes to Nationally Qualify again for this years competing season. I will be building and competing to achieve the coveted IFBB Pro Bikini card.

Favorite part of the fitness lifestyle?

There is nothing like feeling like a feather on my feet!


Where does your motivation come from?

I have a drive to be the best I can be for my family, especially for my son. I want him to grow up with healthy habits in all aspects of his life. It begins with his health


What is your training, nutrition and supplementation like?

I train 6 days a week and follow a strict meal plan (since I’m 4 weeks out from stepping on stage). Like any other competitor, clean eating is a must for the best results when combined with exercise. I do not take a protein supplement as my body doesn’t respond well to it. Pre-workout and BCAA’s are a part of my daily routine.

Do you have any words of wisdom to inspire younger women starting their own fitness journey?

It’s really true what they say, “consistency is key”

Even when you think you aren’t making progress, keep going. There’s no reason to choose failure when success is an option.

Please describe your first competition experience. What was it like for you?

I completed a 12 week prep for my first show. It was hard, to say the least. I wanted to give up mainly because 6 weeks prior to stepping on stage, I hadn’t seen any progress in my physique. I started to get the feelings of not being “good enough” to step on stage. As much as I wanted to throw in the towel, I kept pushing forward with hopes of change.  2 weeks prior to stepping on stage, changes were noticeable to the naked eye and the excitement and boost of motivation kicked in full blast and more changes came about. The day of my competition was a super exciting experience. I have done some runway modeling in the past so being on stage is where I found comfort because its something that was fun and familiar. My hard work was done up to that point. Before getting on stage, I knew I was already a winner despite where the judges would place me. I put in all my effort and did the best I could and finally got results I was happy with. A trophy would be the cherry on top, but wasn’t an expectation I had. I ended up placing third in my class and I was beyond flattered. My overall experience led me to competing 2 other shows thereafter and my fourth in 4 weeks.

What are your goals as far as 2016 are concerned?

My goals are to Nationally qualify, compete in a national show for a chance to earn my IFBB Pro card as a bikini athlete.


What are your 3 favorite things to do outside of training related stuff?

I enjoy spending time with my son Milan and exploring new worlds with him. He keeps me grounded. I also enjoy spending time at the beach with family, surfing and riding my motorcycle.

Would you go out with a guy who body builds or does that turn you off?

If I wasn’t taken, it would be an option as long as the guy is down to earth and NOT conceited.

Can you share any of your special tricks with our readers?

I don’t have any special tricks:) setting goals and destroying them one at a time allows for me to set more goals and grow as a mom, a girlfriend, an athlete and person.

How did you get your sponsors?

My sponsors generously offered me a sponsorship. I am well taken care of by each and appreciate their support and opportunities they provide.

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